Women's Recovery Program

Outpatient Treatment

If you're thinking about seeking help for your drinking or drug use . . . this may be a time when you're feeling very discouraged. You may feel out of control about the amount or frequency of your drinking, embarrassed about your behavior under the influence, or discouraged about your efforts to change.

You may know that stopping drinking or drug use is in your best interest, yet feel overwhelmed, sad or scared when you think about never drinking again.

At Women's Recovery Center, we can help make the transition to an alcohol and drug free life so much easier than trying to do it on your own. We use a unique and positive program of treatment and recovery. It's an approach that is especially helpful to women who don't like or won't use the AA program—since most other programs rely heavily on Alcoholics Anonymous concepts as the basis of their treatment program. We don't.

It's also an approach that works for women who don't want to take on the label of "alcoholic" or "addict." While some people find it helpful to use those terms for themselves, we see it as being entirely optional and a personal decision. You don't have to be "an alcoholic" to choose to live an alcohol and drug free life.

Getting into recovery isn't simple. Many women have problems with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, goal setting or follow through. There are usually other factors that must be addressed along with the issue of breaking old patterns of drinking or drug use. That's why every counselor at Women's Recovery Center has a strong background in mental health therapy as well as chemical dependency treatment.

We emphasize learning skills that will help you stay alcohol and drug free—both for the short term and more importantly, the long term. Permanent change is often a matter of learning the tools and techniques that research has shown to be effective, combined with getting the right kind of support and feedback to help you make those changes a habit.

The skills you will develop are not learned on just an intellectual level—you'll be learning and using them on an emotional level as well—all within a safe, supportive, comfortable environment.

» Please explore our Holistic Approach page for information on our Wellness and Mindfulness programs.

In addition you will find information on evidence-based therapeutic methods that are standard in our treatment.

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